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New publication: Quaderni del CSCI, 15

The 15th volume of the journal Quaderni del CSCI. Rivista annuale di cinema italiano (2019) is now available.

The theme of this issue, edited by Roberto Calabretto, Marco Cosci and Elena Mosconi, is  All’ascolto del cinema italiano: musiche, voci, rumori.

It features two articles that deal with animation:

Marco Bellano, “L’insolita canzone. Sulle tracce della musica per l’animazione italiana” (pp. 68-74);

Marco Bellano, “Pianoforti, organi e tastiere” (pp. 219-221).




FEDERICO GRANDESSO: 17 December 2019

17 December 2019


Via Beldomandi 1, Padova

Aula Spettacolo (third floor)


International Film Journalist and Scholar

Conference for the course in History of Animation


Federico Grandesso, international film journalist and scholar, will guest teach a class of Marco Bellano’s course in History of Animation.

Grandesso is also a teacher and researcher at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and at the Hangzhou University (China); he is also member of the steering committee of the Fondation Fellini pour le cinéma di Sion (Switzerland) and curator of exhibitions on cinema and animation.

Grandesso’s conference will focus on three recent full-length animated features from the East, that have been featured and awarded at the Venice and Annecy film festivals: Funan (Denis Do, 2018), No. 7 Cherry Lane (Yonfan, 2019) e Bombay Rose (Gitanjali Rao, 2019). Grandesso will introduce the films also on the basis of the conversation he personally had with the three directors.