“Animation and Italy”: conference proceedings, part I

The quarterly cinema journal “Cabiria – Studi di Cinema” (ISSN 2038-5064) has been publishing the proceedings of the conference “Animation and Italy” since issue no. 177 (May-August 2014). The proceedings are still being published (issue no. 178, September-December 2014, has recently been released); their third and last installment will appear in issue no. 179.


Animata will make all the proceedings (and their illustrations) available as downloadable .pdf files.

In “Cabiria” no. 177:

Table of contents and foreword

Carlo MONTANARO, C’era una volta l’animazione italiana

Giannalberto BENDAZZI, Un’italiana a Parigi: Leontina “Mimma” Indelli

Anna ANTONINI e Chiara TOGNOLOTTI, Burattini animati. Le avventure di Pinocchio nel cinema animato italiano

Denis LOTTI, Sogni di bimbo a passo uno. L’animazione nel film muto italiano di propaganda bellica (1915-1917)

Illustrations – part 1

Illustrations – part 2
The second part of the proceedings

The third part of the proceedings

(The proceedings are in Italian).

Animation Workshop for the DAMS Students – 2015

Animation Workshop for the DAMS Students (3 CFU, free)

The Workshop will be taught by Prof. Raffaele Luponio (Associazione “Immagine per Immagine”) during the second term of the Academic Year 2014-15.

The 75 lesson hours will be divided into 10 classes: 30 hours of assisted practice and 45 hours of individual practice. The Workshop is intended for 15 students from the first cycle DAMS degree courses.

Applications should be sent to immagineperimmagine@gmail.com before Friday, March the 6th, 2015. The application should contain full name and address, identification number, mobile number and an optional cover message. Only the first 15 applicants will be admitted to the Workshop.

Classes will take place at the Associazione Culturale “Immagine per Immagine”, via Col Moschin n.1, Padova.


The Workshop combines lessons and tutorials, both theoretical and practical. The main topics are:

• how to create the illusion of movement;
• storyboarding;
• framing and shooting;
• the animator’s tools;
• practice with the following animation techniques: animated drawings, claymation, pixillation, découpage, sand animation, animation with white board markers, mixed techniques;
• the computer as a resourceful aid to animation;
• editing;
• sound post-production.

A final test will assess the proficiency of the students.


0.  Monday, March the 9th, 15,00 – 18,00: introductory lesson with Prof. Marco Bellano

1. Tuesday, March the 10th, 15,00 – 18,00

2. Tuesday, March the 17th, 15,00 – 18,00

  • From March the 18th to the 20th: individual or group appointments with the teacher, in order to finalize the storyboard.

3. Tuesday, March the 31st, 15,00 – 18,00

4. Tuesday, April the 14th, 15,00 – 18,00

5. Tuesday, April the 21st, 15,00 – 18,00

6. Tuesday, April the 28th, 15,00 – 18,00

7.  Tuesday, May the 5th, 15,00 – 18,00

8. Tuesday, May the 12th, 15,00 – 18,00

9.  Tuesday, May the 19th, 15,00 – 18,00

10.  Tuesday, May the 26th, 15,00 – 18,00

An extra group meeting could be required in order to complete the stop-motion cinematography.

For information on the Workshop (program, schedule, application, operating methods): Prof. Raffaele Luponio, immagineperimmagine@gmail.com

For information concerning the registration of the educational activity: Prof. Farah Polato, farah.polato@unipd.it. The registration will be carried out during regular exam sessions; students need to apply to the correct exam list. Please see the teacher’s webpage.