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Conference “Animation and Italy”: original animations

The eight animation, realized with different animation techniques, are the final result of the 2014 Animation Workshop.

The students who created the animations:

Giuseppe Andreatta; Barbara Bittante; Leonardo Bortoli; Giulia Casarotto; Giuseppe Nicola Cosentino; Marta De Giglio; Rita Fantinato; Carolina Fernandez Barroso; Luigi Giacomazzi; Alessia Ghion; Eleonora Giavarina; Sarah Jessica Fioretto; Laura Novello; Francesca Silvestri; Martina Turra; Valeria Venturelli; Fabiano Verza;

(intern, Elena Faggioli)

FLIPBOOK (pixillation, drawing, white board markers, découpage):

TRAIN (pixillation, claymation, découpage):

LITTLE MAN (drawing, white board markers, pixillation, découpage, claymation):

PIX (pixillation):

JACK (drawing, stop-motion):

CUBE (drawing, pixillation, découpage):

FISHERMAN (drawing, stop-motion, white board markers, sand, découpage):

HANDS (drawing, pixillation, découpage):



The Animation Workshop of the DAMS at the University of Padua

The DAMS Bachelor’s Degree course of the University of Padua offers every year to its students an Animation Workshop, with the support of the cultural association “Immagine per Immagine”.

The Workshop teaches the basic techniques of animation, through a theoretical and practical program. Lessons and tutorials focus on traditional animation and its related topics, such as the illusion of movement; storyboarding; layout and shooting; the animator’s tools; techniques based on drawings, claymation, pixillation, découpage, sand and white board markers. Each student can create a personal project.

 The participation in the Workshop grants 3 CFU; the 15 participants are pre-selected through a motivational interview.

 The course lasts three months, with 30 hours of lesson at the Association main office, 45 hours of homework and a final test. Participants will be provided with animation tools and materials.

 In 2014-15, the students created 9 animated intros for the Conference “Animation and Italy”.

 The course is taught by Prof. Raffaele Luponio, President of the Association; the referee for the DAMS course is Prof. Farah Polato.