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Gulliver head shot

History of Animation 2017-2018: Lesson 4 – Videos

Trolley Troubles (Walt Disney, 1927)

Walt Disney’s Multiplane Camera

The Thief and the Cobbler (Richard Williams, 1993)

Prologue trailer (Richard Williams, 2015)

Behind the Animation: Get a Horse

Snow-White (Dave Fleischer, 1933)

The Goddess of Spring (Wilfred Jackson, 1934)

Gulliver’s Travels (Max and Dave Fleischer, 1939)

“The World of Stainboy”, Episode 1 (Tim Burton, 2000)


History of Animation 2017-2018: Lesson 3 – Videos

From Fantasia 2000 (Eric Goldberg et al., 1999)

From Howl’s Moving Castle (Hayao Miyazaki, 2004)

From Idiots and Angels (Bill Plympton, 2009)

Sea Scouts (Dick Lundy, 1939)

From Tangled (Nathan Greno, Byron Howard, 2010)

From “Black Rock Shooter” (Shinobu Yoshioka, 2012)


History of Animation 2017-2018: Lesson 1 – Videos

Duck Amuck (Chuck Jones, 1953)

Duck Amuck on… framing and layout

Duck Amuck on… sound

Duck Amuck on… sound (again)

Duck Amuck on… the grammar of cinema

Duck Amuck on… the nature of cinema

Duck Amuck on… the “author”

Opening Speech

History of Animation 2016-17: Lesson 18 – Videos

Une nuit sur le mont chauve (Alexander Alexeïeff, 1933)

Le nez (Alexander Alexeïeff, 1963)

Tableaux d’une exposition (Alexander Alexeïeff, 1972)

Opening Speech (Norman McLaren, 1960)

C’est l’aviron (Norman McLaren, 1944)

La poulette grise (Norman McLaren, 1947)
Begone Dull Care (Norman McLaren, 1949)

Pas de deux (Norman McLaren, 1968)

Synchromy (Norman McLaren, 1971)

Studie nr. 7 (Oskar Fischinger, 1931)

Komposition in Blau (Oskar Fischinger, 1935)

Motion Painting No. 1 (Oskar Fischinger, 1947)