“The Moon as a Movie Star”: Rovigo, 19 October 2019

During the Festa dell’Astronomia 2019 (Area Espositiva Cen.Ser Padiglione D, Viale Porta Adige 45, Rovigo, Italy), Dr. Marco Bellano will give the public talk (in Italian only)

The Moon as a Movie Star

19 ottobre 2019

Sala Rigolin
Free admission

Among the movie “stars”… the Moon has always had a special role since the renowned Le voyage dans la lune (1902) by Georges Méliès, where our natural satellite, with a human face for the occasion, ended up with a rocket wedged in its eye and gave birth to one of the most famous pop culture icons.  From that moment on, the Moon has never ceased to inspire directors from every place, bringing to films realistic sceneries or science-fiction utopias. Marco Bellano, adjunct professor in History of Animation at the University of Padova, will introduce an anthology of film scenes, dedicated to the surprising silver screen manifestations of the silvery celestial body.

History of Animation 2019-2020: Lesson 5 – Videos

Behind the Animation: Get a Horse

Snow-White (Dave Fleischer, 1933)

The Goddess of Spring (Wilfred Jackson, 1934)

Gulliver’s Travels (Max and Dave Fleischer, 1939)

“The World of Stainboy”, Episode 1 (Tim Burton, 2000)

Carmen Habanera (Aleksandra Korejwo, 1994)

The Old Man and the Sea (Aleksandr Petrov, 1999)

Making of The Old Man and the Sea, Part 1

Making of The Old Man and the Sea, Part 2

History of Animation 2019-2020: Lesson 3 – Videos

From Fantasia 2000 (Eric Goldberg et al., 1999)

From Howl’s Moving Castle (Hayao Miyazaki, 2004)
Click here to watch the clip

From Idiots and Angels (Bill Plympton, 2009)

Sea Scouts (Dick Lundy, 1939)

From Tangled (Nathan Greno, Byron Howard, 2010)

From “Black Rock Shooter” (Shinobu Yoshioka, 2012)